1Business loanFinancing business working capital
2Salary loanWhen salary is the major source of income
3Asset acquisition loanWhen buying /acquiring an asset such as vehicles, machinery etc
4Agricultural LoanFor financing Agricultural projects, Has a grace period of 6 months, paid in a with in a maximum of 24 months.
5School fees loanFor payment of school fees for FIC member and/or their dependents. Can be accessed even when a member has a running loan.
6Yingiranyumbayo loanExclusively for FIC members to complete their housing projects for their accommodation or rental business. This is given on understanding that the disbursed loan amount will complete/finish the house to make it habitable.
7Emergency loanThis given in a day or maximum 2 days to meet/solve an emergency. It is paid back in 3 months installments or once as a lump sum. Its interest is double the prevailing lending rate at a time of borrowing.
8Weekend Loan To help FIC members to meet their short term urgent needs.
9Contract and Trade Financing To mainly facilitate FIC members who get contract for supplies and service delivery.
10Home Development To help FIC member get easy access to house hold items.
11Housing LoanFor FIC members who wish to build and develop their plots in FIC villages.