FIC was established and it is owned by members of St. Francis Chapel Makerere University, to assist members attain economic prosperity.


FIC is incorporated in Uganda under the Co- operative Societies Act Cap 112, and domi- ciles in Uganda.

The Society was launched on 4th October 2010 – under the names: Franciscan Investment Group (FIG). On 4th January 2011, FIG was registered with the Registrar of Co-operatives in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Coop- eratives (MTIC) under the names: Franciscan

Investment Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Limited (FIC SACCO), Registration No.9897/RCS. In order to diversify investment, on 7th April 2014, FIC SACCO amended its operations into a Multipurpose Co-operative under the names: Franciscan Investment Co- operative Society Ltd (FIC) under the same registration number.