•   Assets: within the last 7 years, FIC has grown its assets base to a net worth of UGX 14 Billion (as at 31st December, 2019) from member savings, loans and other investments
  •   Franciscan villages: FIC develops organized residential environment that promotes community belonging, networking and fellowship with access to water, electricity, security and a road network at a cost effective price.
  •   How? FIC acquires large pieces of land, subdivides them into plots, avails infrastructure and offers plots to buy at friendly terms.
110 acres of land in Manyangwa, Gayaza ( Bethel I Village)Housing 69 homes- all plots sold out to members, developments on going
2Bukerere NamugongoSold out
316 acres of land in Namayina Gayaza (Bethel II Village extension)Sold out
44.3 acres of land in Wakiso 2 km from the districtSold out
5Seeta NamilyangoSold out
6Busukuma- Gayaza RoadSold out
7BukerereSold out
8Nabutiti - Busukuma -
2.5km off the tarmac
Housing 84 Homes
plots still available