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At Franciscan Investment Cooperative Society Ltd (FIC), we take pride in building a robust investment portfolio that delivers substantial returns and enriches the lives of our valued members. With a commitment to transparency and efficiency, we offer two compelling investment avenues:
Over the past 13 years, FIC has grown its asset base to a net worth of UGX23 Billion (as at 31st December 2019), sourced from member savings, loans, and strategic investments. As stewards of your financial well-being, we prioritize prudent investment decisions that ensure long-term growth and financial security for our members.
Franciscan Villages
At FIC, we create more than just living spaces - we cultivate a sense of belonging, mutual trust, and community. Our Franciscan Villages are thoughtfully developed residential environments that provide easy access to water, electricity, security, and a well-connected road network, all at a cost-effective price. How do we achieve this? By acquiring large pieces of land, subdividing them into plots, and making available well-planned infrastructure to offer plots at friendly terms.
Bethel I (Manyangwa, Gayaza)
Spread across 10 acres of prime land, Bethel I Village boasts 69 homes, with all plots already sold out to our esteemed members. The development is ongoing, promising a vibrant community living experience that reflects our core values.
Bethel II (Namayina Gayaza)
Spanning 16 acres, Bethel II Village Extension is another successful venture, with all plots sold out. It exemplifies our dedication to creating homes that harmoniously blend comfort, security, and a sense of belonging.
Bukerere Namugongo
An overwhelming success, Bukerere Namugongo has reached full occupancy. This project is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional residential spaces and fostering a thriving community.
Konna Wakiso
Occupying 4.3 acres of prime land, our Wakiso project sold out swiftly. It reflects our vision of providing our members with exclusive access to well-planned residential spaces.
Seeta Namilyango
Another remarkable accomplishment, Seeta Namilyango is fully sold out, reaffirming our commitment to delivering real estate solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of our members.
Busukuma-Gayaza Road
Positioned in a highly sought-after location, our Busukuma-Gayaza Road project has also achieved full occupancy, standing tall as a testament to our excellence in property development.
Craft your sanctuary in nature's embrace. Tranquil plots await, offering the perfect canvas for your dreams to flourish.
Urban charm meets natural allure. Experience a harmonious life in Buloba's coveted plots, where every moment resonates.
Kasengejje Wakiso
Enrich your story in Wakiso's hidden gem. Acres of potential await, promising a thriving future within serene surroundings.
Kiwenda (Gayaza-Zirobwe Road)
Busukuma Low Lying
Bethel II Extension