1. Investment Club Background

KWAZE INVESTMENT CLUB 450 (KIC 450) come into being in 2014 when a group of 15 youths belonging to Kwaze (Come alive 2006) come together with the mission of saving so as to invest wisely to transform each individual holistically to realize self-sustainability and support full time ministry of God.

The club started with a nominal saving of 350,000/= per member per month in 2014 and in 2016 the team challenged themselves to raise this figure to 450,000/= which still holds to date. This was majorly motivated by the need to raise enough savings to meet the monthly obligation to FIC.

The group started with a clear vision setting process and institution of a solid constitution that provided the governance framework for the club as well as a code of conduct. KIC hinges its operations on five foundational values / precepts stated below;

KIC Values (C-Side)

  1. Christ centredness : We aspire to live like Christ and grow His ministry
  2. Stewardship : We are good stewards of resources
  3. Integrity : We are open, honest and fair
  4. Development : We are a team working to develop each other holistically
  5. Excellence : We display a spirit of excellence in all our dealings

2. Ten Year Investment Plan / Vision

For purposes of this testimony, we will state the 10 year investment vision objectives of the club in brief terms

  1. Objective 1. Ensure each member has a home on a plot not less than 50X100 in a radius of not more than 50 kms from Kampala
  2. Objective 2. Ensure each member of the club has at least 5 acres of commercially viable land for farming
  3. Objective 3. Have a joint commercial real estate investment generating residual income for each member enough to sustain their live hood.


n 2015, after a year of consistent savings, the club procured its first land asset in Mukono (2 acres) which was earmarked for fulfilment of the club’s ten-year vision objective 1. Within the same year, the club also acquired 35 Acres of Land in Kakooge-Luweero and this asset was procured to fulfil vision objective 2

3. The role of FIC in attainment of vision objective 3

In 2016, the club made a strategic move to invest with FIC since they had opened up an Investment Club Portfolio. KIC is amongst the pioneering investment clubs under FIC. KIC made an investment of 12.33 million shillings both in shares and savings in its first year of Investment.

As the saying goes, luck is opportunity and preparation crossing paths, KICs opportunity to investment in a land asset that perfectly aligned with its vision objective 3 showed up in form of a 38 decimal piece of land in Kulambiro- Kampala. However between us and our dream asset was 125 million which KIC did not have on its account given that the prior mentioned investments made above. Thankfully our strategic partner FIC come to our aid and didn’t hesitate to advance us a loan facility in record time to effect the purchase. Our Mukono Land Title was placed with FIC as part of the collateral.

As we cleared our loan, we in the meantime placed a 30x8m greenhouse on the land which currently is being hired by one of our members for a monthly payment and the member is currently running a tomato project within the greenhouse. The remaining part of the land was also rented out to another of the club’s members at a fee who is running a passion fruit project on the land.

However, the greatest value the club has attained from the land so far is its appreciation from 125 million to a current value of 270million shillings as per Ministry of Lands valuation in February, 2018!

4. Synopsis of the future plans
In line with vision objective 3, KIC intends to build a state-of-the-art stored apartment facility housing 14 units. Each

club member will be allotted a unit each member in fulfilment of vision objective 3.
We thank God that enabled KIC’s and FIC’s path cross, otherwise we would have never acquired the mentioned

treasured land asset that is key to KIC’s vision fulfilment strategy
As we plan to enact phase 2 of our vision, we will still partner with our strategic partners FIC to finance our vision.

Additionally, 90% of the members within the KIC have individual accounts with FIC and have obtained loan facilities to invest in their personal businesses and in attainment of personal assets.

As part of consolidating our testimony and strategic partnership with FIC, KIC intends to be majority shareholder in FIC within the next five years, we currently have 1075 shares worth 26,875,000/= shillings and savings worth about 5.9M. On top of this we have a monthly obligation of about 4.8M to FIC in respect to our loan repayments and have committed ourselves to acquire a minimum of shares worth 12M per year.

Once we are through with the loan payment, due to our increased net worth we shall be confident enough to invest heavily in the FIC shares so as to work towards the goal of being the biggest share holders in FIC and as well benefit from the returns of which we are part contributors through utilising the FIC loan products both as a club and as individual members.

The glory returns to God. Thank you.
KIC Clubs 2018.